Lawrence Wells (1965) comes from a creative and literary family: his father is a writer and publisher, and his mother studied painting at university. Raised in Kentucky, Wells studied Fine Art and English literature at Indiana University, and then continued his education to obtain an MFA in Painting at the University of Mississippi (1993). He first came to Prague in the early 90s in the magic days after the revolution and returned again in 2001. He has been teaching English in Prague and the Czech Republic ever since, and together with his wife, Magdalena Wells, has been translating and correcting documents in Czech and English for the last five years.

Translation clients have included Presto, Unicorn College, Akademie Věd, and Arnika Association.

Magdalena Wells (1972) grew up in Sušice, West Bohemia. With a natural talent for languages, she quickly learned English after the revolution and worked for some time as a teacher for Channel Crossings. After receiving her MA in Art History from Charles University in 2000, she spent a half year in Bologna where she perfected her Italian language abilities. She then worked as assistant director at Galerie Klatovy Klenova where she organized a number of exhibitions. Now located in Prague, she is raising a small son and working on her doctorate studies at Charles University.

                   Contact:     tel:  737 002 793  /  728 145 054
                         Address:   Chlumová 20 13000 Praha 3  IČO: 7382 0334  DIČ: 6804 31705